Traffic Decks

Parking Decks or Traffic Decks are one of the most challenging waterproofing and surfacing jobs in a structures waterproofing. It must not only prevent water ingress into the premises below, but also provide a highly durable, abrasion resistant, elastic, anti skid and attractive surface capable of withstanding the long term wear and tear of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Unprotected structures suffer from water-induced damage, including deterioration and corrosion caused by alkalis, salts, acids and mold. Multiseal’s Traffic Deck services offer long-lasting protection against the most damaging conditions.

Multiseal has over forty years of experience installing a range of parking deck technologies that are attractive and perform well over time. The systems used for Traffic Decks provide solutions to the challenges such as crack bridging, withstanding traffic movements while providing a decorative surface to structural building components.

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