Parking garages are prone to problems associated with water ponding and salt laden solutions. Resulting concrete deterioration is one of the most commonly reported failures in parking garages. Problems such as cracking, leaching, spalling, scaling, reinforcement corrosion from salts, and joint deterioration are all associated with deterioration of  concrete parking garage structures.

Restoring a parking garage is complex. There are many options available ranging from localized repair and protection programs to complete slab replacement programs. The key is knowing which one is most suited for the situation at hand. Multiseal has extensive experience in the repair of parking garages and will provide you with the information you need to make the best decision on how to proceed with repairs.

Multiseal specializes to the structural repairs of deteriorated parking garages. Using specialized composite materials we can restore your parking garage to ‘like new’ condition for years to come, at a fraction of the cost of complete reconstruction.