Traffic Calming

The beauty of stamped asphalt for a decorative treatment, is that it can be applied affordably to new or existing pavements.

Regardless of what traffic-calming action is undertaken, the benefit to a community is greater when the technical improvements are strengthened by visual enhancements such as the range of decorative treatments stamped asphalt offers.

The StreetBond coatings for asphalt and concrete, is industry leading and the result of over 25 years of research and development in every climate imaginable.

Decorative stamped asphalt ” StreetPrint ”  is an ideal and affordable treatment for the following traffic calming applications:

  • Sidewalks
  • Visually narrowing streets and traffic lanes
  • Chicanes
  • Roundabouts aprons
  • Traffic circle shoulders
  • Raised medians
  • Level medians
  • Tight corner curbs
  • Diverters
  • Road humps, speed tables, and cushions
  • Salt strips