Multiguard Traffic Deck Systems

Multiguard is the ultimate solution for preventing deterioration of both interior and exterior parking structures. Significant costs, and the inconvenience of structural repair and restoration, can be avoided by using the Multiguard traffic deck system. Our unique system will economically ensure long-term durability and protect your parking structure from the ravages of deicing salts and chemical solutions.

Multiseal has been a pioneer in the development and application of Hot Rubberized Membranes and Asphalt Toppings since 1977. Our experience has contributed to Multiseal becoming a leading provider of solutions to solve and prevent concrete corrosion of parking structures. To that end, we engineered Multiguard as a two component parking deck system consisting of Multiseal 1080 rubberized waterproofing membrane protected by a durable wearing course. It is suitable for suspended slabs in underground multiple level parking structures, above or below grade, and offers the ultimate protection from the ingress of moisture and corrosive salts.

Multiseal 1080 Membrane

  • 100% solids, hot applied membrane
  • seamless, impermeable
  • full adhesion to deck, eliminating lateral water movement
  • excellent crack bridging characteristics
  • conforms to irregular surfaces
  • superior low temperature flexibility
  • fast curing

Durable Wearcourse

  • provides an exposed, tough, economical surface
  • modified to ensure superior strength and pliability
  • aesthetic, skid resistant surface

Multiseal has independently tested and proven the Multiguard traffic deck system can be successfully applied over existing, bonded systems such as urethanes and epoxy coatings. To obtain test data and project lists, Contact Us Today!

Multiguard II offers a number of solutions to common concerns in traffic deck systems. Improperly sloped decks can be easily corrected, ensuring positive slope to drains regardless of existing circumstances. Multiguard has excellent resistance to UV rays, de-icing chemicals, and will not be damaged by most heavy equipment. Multiguard has been successfully applied on numerous new and retrofit ramps and can be used in conjunction with heating cables to provide a heavy duty, pliable and skid resistant surface.

Multiseal’s professionals are committed to architects, engineers, specifiers, developers, general contractors, and property managers long before a project is started. We offer customized advice at the design and specification stage right through to project completion and beyond. Since all materials are specified, supplied, and installed by a single source, Multiseal offers a comprehensive warranty package. Further extended maintenance programs are available whereby Multiseal will monitor and maintain the installation long after the conclusion of the warranty period.